Department of International Patients

Subspecialized internal hemodialysis clinic of Sabzdarman since 2005 He started his activity in the field of hemodialysis, digestion, liver and internal diseases.

Having more than… specialist and specialist doctors, this clinic has been able to provide medical services to various patients from all over the country.

In this clinic, various services are provided, including: hemodialysis, endoscopy, colonoscopy, Remikid injection, as well as visits to patients in the paraclinic department by a skilled and expert doctor.

Since its establishment, Sabzdarman Clinic has set its mission based on placing patients at the center and providing services based on medical principles and ethics, as well as the competence of doctors and the participation of employees, and the application of the latest scientific achievements.

It is hoped that it will be possible to continue in this direction and take a step towards improving the health system and providing better services to patients.

About the clinic:

Sabzdarman company was registered in 2002 by the initiative of several doctors and activists of the medical community, and in 2004 Sabzdarman specialized internal clinic was launched. This clinic is the first out-of-hospital center in Khorasan. Currently, this clinic consists of three departments, which are gastroenterology department, hemodialysis department and polyclinic.