Hemodialysis Department

Sabzdarman (Green treatment) clinic was founded by four doctors in Mashhad, Iran to provide high-quality healthcare and medical consultations to residents and visitors of northeastern Iran. Sabzdarman was registered as a company  in 2003 (Business license No. 19694). With the help of young and talented staff, Sabzdarman became the first private outpatient hemodialysis clinic in Mashhad.

Our hemodialysis department is one of the hallmarks of the Sabzdarman clinic. It is equipped with 22 regular and two emergency dialysis beds. We have a high rate of annual dialysis sessions visit in northeast Iran.

We admit all Hemodialysis patients who need temporary as well as permanent dialysis services. Our patients undergo regular serology tests and are tested for Hepatitis B & C every six months. Each patient is visited once a day by a nephrologist doctor and receives injectable and non-injectable medications from our registered nurses as needed. (Patient’s blood pressure is monitored by nurses hourly) Every hour, our nurses check the blood pressure of patients to make sure that they are doing well. We keep extensive records of patients’ health history  and monitor their progress throughout their health journey.

Contact us:

  • Phone: (+98) 513 843 8828
  • WhatsApp: (+98) 935 247 4384

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The doctors working in this department are: